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Euler Tools’ Monthly Airdrop and Rewards System

In this article, you will find details about the monthly airdrop, $EULER token holder rewards, Explorers Program, and the staking.

Euler Tools Solutions | Blockchain & Digital Assets

Let’s iron out some juicy details!

$EULER is fundamentally a utility token. It is designed to allow access to many of the incredible features that Euler Tools is currently developing. But that’s not all. To us, the community is as important as our motivation to deliver the best tools out there. Therefore, it is in our vision to share the profits through $EULER.


As you may already know, once the subscriptions are live, Euler Tools plans to share 30% of the profits with those who stake at least 40k $EULER. Subscriptions have not started yet, so in the meantime, Euler Tools is rewarding the loyal stakers with airdrops from marketing funds on the 15th of each month.

“But what about those community members who do not have 40k $EULER yet?”

The answer is the Explorers Program. To be launched very soon, this initiative will provide bonuses for users that help the team populate and verify information in the database.

Euler Tools Solutions | Blockchain & Digital Assets

The Explorers Program

The Explorers program is a data curation program which includes series of tasks and rewards. The program will introduce a series of bounties distributed as airdrops for people that stake, collaborate and actively use Euler Tools to explore the blockchain. So, the members of Euler Tools community are eligible on condition of staking $EULER.

The program aims to build a better Euler App ( with the help of the community. Euler Tools is going to pay the participants with $EULER once the defined tasks and conditions are satisfied. These tasks involve flagging tokens, discovering a new contract, filling the missing details of projects etc.

Examples of this bounties are:

  • Flag and verify tokens & contracts e.g., scam/rugged/duplicated
  • Claim and tag projects — meme coin, yield aggregator, LP token etc.
  • Notify ‘not workings’ e.g., charts, balances, sections
  • Provide feedback through using
  • Spread the word about Euler Tools to the other projects/communities
  • Find potential partnerships
  • Find all stable coin addresses on different blockchains
  • Fill in the details for rare/unknown exchanges knowing only the LP
    Participants’ activity and achievements are going to be recorded in their profile which will provide a total score. The payment of bounties ($EULER) will be based on that score and be distributed accordingly. The total reward pool is 500K $EULER. More details such as the launch day, the duration, reward ratios, and participation steps are to be announced soon.


The purpose of the locked staking right now is to generate passive income. Nonetheless, soon after Euler Tools rolls out a superior version of the subscriptions system globally, the team will tie the subscriptions to the staking. Hence, every time a user locks more than 40K $EULER, s/he will receive a free subscription for that month.

The token demand keeps increasing naturally, as more people realizing that holding $EULER provides additional benefits through staking, subscriptions’ rewards, and Explorers Program.

Once the subscription payment system is in place, users will be requested to hold a minimum of 4K $EULER to access the selected freemium features whereas to gain access to all features, users will need to hold a minimum of 40K $EULER which comes with the additional benefits mentioned above.

Stay tuned for more updates!