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Euler Tools’ Last Update for the 2021

For Euler Tools, 2021 was the year of growth. It’s safe to say that it has been a truly prolific year for the whole team. From the beginning to the end, we never stopped learning, exploring, expanding, and developing…

In this article, you’ll find our last update for this glorious year and the plans for 2022.

Euler Tools Solutions | Blockchain & Digital Assets



Euler Tools will roll out two major features in the following weeks:

The Marketplace:

Euler Tools aims to establish a marketplace in which users are going to be able to sell and/or buy anything with predetermined conditions. The marketplace is a gateway to make Euler Tools a platform that also covers P2P needs of the users.

This includes a whole set of use cases from setting price for owned NFTs, enabling projects to run their private/public sales, token vesting, salary payments as well as peer to peer payments and much more. The marketplace is also going to allow users to trade contract ownerships, locking a token contract or selling a staking contract as a template for reusability.

The Dex Aggregator:

The graph database now updates in real time. It is ready to be connected to the interface where users will be allowed to get the best price on each trade, and to trade almost any token without leaving Euler Tools. Users are also going to be able to view charts alongside the trade interface. The arbitrage capabilities have been tested by the team and it is planned that a bot will be introduced to allow Euler Tools to regain liquidity on arbitrage operations.


Updates for the App:


Updated and looking good! The team will deploy and enable the notifications this week. Everyone that staked their $EULER will receive notifications for their staked wallets. The configuration panel for notifications will also be ready to use.


The team prepared a whole new way to deal with the assets in your wallets. Users will be able to calculate the P&L from each token transfer!

We are working on a code that extracts BNB transactions and generates WBNB transfers. This method will allow the app to consider BNB as another token rather than an entirely different entity.

About the UI:

The UI Research Team is very close to completing their first phase, and they already scheduled the next phase that will last 30 days. Below you will find how the second phase schedule looks in terms of the ongoing UI process.

Finally, here’s to a bright new year filled with new discoveries, green candles, and non-fungible moments!

Happy 2022!

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