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About Us


At Euler Tools, Our Motto is Blockchain Explained

The team at Euler Tools are dedicated professionals who are passionate about blockchain technology. However, we are also very aware of the confusion and misinformation which surrounds it.

For many regular – and even experienced – investors, blockchain can be a frustrating and incomprehensible world unto itself – with multiple chains, forks, copycat projects and the issue of often unverified data from literally hundreds sources. Add a general lack of transparency within the blockchain space and it soon takes on the perception of mysterious investment platform only accessible to a niche group. As a result, the core philosophy of blockchain which promised ‘decentralised finance for everyone’ has seemingly been lost.

However at Euler Tools we make blockchain accessible to all, by removing the frustrations and barriers which surround it. With our motto ‘Blockchain Explained’ our mission is to disrupt the off-chain world, by providing transparency, reliability and an easy way for traders to pay taxes.

With our proven set of tools your family, friends and clients can safely access the blockchain, see with full transparency the movements on it, verify every single source of information and ultimately, benefit from this technology that is already reshaping our world.