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Compliance & Legal

Simplifies the identification of operational and legal risks through blockchain 

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Reduce delays through fault detection and improve your security with end-to-end encryption and privacy.

Due to digitalization, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep operational processes and information secure, but we have you covered.  


Featured Issues

Supplier Compliance

Non-compliance with current regulations by your suppliers.

Non-adapted compliance program

In general, problems can arise in the development of processes to minimize risks and have a successful adaptation of your program.

Little review of processes

Failure to properly audit and analyze your processes to ensure that they're working properly can lead to problems.

Stay updated

Rules and regulations change often and are subject to interpretation. Being efficient with compliance and time management is a fundamental aspect.

Data care

The care and treatment of information is very important. So the highest standards of security and commitment must be respected.

Operational traceability

Real-time traceability needs to be ensured, and an audit must always be carried out.

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Identify the legal risks within your internal operations. Analyze in real time the possible failures and incidents.


Have a global vision of your processes, their traceability, and legal health.


A no code tool that automates your internal processes and connects to blockchain technology without the requirement for coding knowledge.

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