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It is official, BeeReal is our new UI/UX partner!

We said yes! (to an improved design)

Euler Tools is a platform that provides an all-in-one data visualisation toolset for anyone who wants to access any blockchain, both for companies and traders. It offers a robust, customizable, accessible, and enriched block explorer with advanced DEX tools. Our long-term vision is to increase blockchain adoption and make it easy to understand for everyone.

Euler Tools Solutions | Blockchain & Digital Assets


The “Why?”

For this very reason, the obvious next step was to dig deeper and work diligently on our design, in terms of both user interface and experience. That’s why, we are very proud to announce our new partnership with BeeReal that will take Euler Tools’ digital experience to the next level.

Euler+BeeReal Partnership

BeeReal is a digital agency that focuses on scalable and user-friendly apps for enterprises and startups. BeeReal and Euler Tools will collaborate to deliver a seamless and uncomplicated product; both teams aim to empower end-users by removing complexities and helping them intuitively navigate within the platform.


The “How?”

BeeReal team will deliver their experience and know-how through their systematic three-step approach:

  1. Research and Understand:
    Current and potential Euler Tools users will be analysed in-depth to discover their needs, struggles, and unique requests. In this phase, BeeReal will try to understand and bridge the gap between different target groups; individual users and enterprises.
  2. Ideate and Prototype:
    After the Research phase, the new user interface (for web and mobile) options will be explored based on tests and reality feedback.
  3. Iteratively Test and Refine:
    And finally, the chosen design will be tested with real users.

This rigorous process will unearth a new, user-friendly and accessible interface for the Euler Tools subscribers. ​For more info, visit

Stay tuned for future updates!