Euler Tools Solutions | Blockchain & Digital Assets

#EulerTools keeps building!

Here are some most recent updates on what the team has been working on lately…


Euler Tools Solutions | Blockchain & Digital Assets



1) New data pipelines are completed and are currently being tested. If everything goes according to plan, Euler Tools will scale it hyper-fast while adding new blockchains to be mapped. This will allow the team to rapidly reindex blockchains at a low cost. It will also help us include an increased number of consumers in the streams and solve the issue with the alerts.

2) Some inspiring meetings with AWS Solution Architects took place this week. Together, we are imagining an exciting approach that includes building Machine Learning on top of our data lake to create a frontrunner bot.We will keep you updated on this as it’s a very interesting approach, and is fully funded by AWS.

3) Euler Tools is documenting more APIs and building mock endpoints for the ones that are not completed but allows testing (TDD, Test-Driven Development).


1) Introducing Ethereum to the platform created some issues with prices and the charts. The team is now remapping the historical trades to fix these. It might take several hours but will solve the problem once and for all.

2) The team is also doing shadow deploys of fixes to the app, and we have a big one coming for when the charts are ready and stable.


1) A warm welcome to Alejandro; he will join our team as the VP of Blockchain Development and create his own structure and add members that will generate the blockchain ecosystem around $EULER.