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$EULER Token

The $EULER token is a BEP20 utility token designed to allow access to the premium features of Euler Tools.

  • Each transaction burns 1% of the transaction amount of $EULER tokens as a feature, aiming to guarantee a stable price by making it more suitable for its intended use.
  • The subscription fee acts as a buyback mechanism of sorts to burn and progressively reduce circulating supply.
  • To maintain availability, an amount equivalent to a percentage of the received $EULER will be distributed to big holders as rewards, and Euler Tools may sell packages of tokens (from company reserves and collected tokens) in the future.

Staking $EULER

Euler Tool offers generous reward structures for providing liquidity when staking 4000+ $EULER Tokens as part of our staking program.

In addition, our Explorer Program  is an initiative designed to reward members of the Euler Tools community when they help to populate and verify information in the database to help build a better Euler App.

Staking option is available via Euler App.