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Explorers Program

Explore, Discover and Be Rewarded

The Explorers Program is an innovative initiative designed to involve and reward members of the Euler Tools community when they help populate and verify information in the database.

This data curation program includes a defined series of tasks and bounties, designed to reward $EULER token holders with $EULER bonuses – with participants eligible on the condition of staking $EULER.

The program aims to build a better Euler App with the community’s help by asking members to complete tasks involving flagging tokens, discovering a new contract and filling the missing details of projects.

Task examples include:

  • Flagging and verifying tokens and contracts e.g., scam/rugged/duplicated
  • Claiming and tagging projects – meme coin, yield aggregator, LP token etc.
  • Notifying ‘not workings’ e.g., charts, balances, sections
  • Providing feedback through using
  • Spreading the word about Euler Tools to the other projects/communities
  • Finding potential partnerships
  • Finding all stable coin addresses on different blockchains
  • Filling in the details for rare/unknown exchanges knowing only the LP

Participants’ activity and achievements will be recorded in their profile, which will also display their total score. The payment of $EULER will be based on that score, with the total reward pool being $500K. More details like the duration, reward ratio, and participation steps will be announced soon.