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Our Objectives & Values

A Visionary Blockchain Solution, Inspired by a Visionary Thinker

The name of our business references Leonhard Euler, an acclaimed mathematical visionary born in 1707. Among many other theories, Euler solved a problem known as the Seven Bridges of Königsberg – based on finding the most strategic and efficient way to travel in a city with seven bridges.

Today’s challenge, which inspired Euler Tools, is to find the most efficient way to navigate the different blockchains, tokens, and exchanges: Where, when, and what to buy and sell. Ultimately, making the best trades requires the best information, requiring expert traders to check 10+ different tools and data sources before doing a trade or investment.

However Euler Tools incorporates all of these tools and data points in a single place: We are TradingView, we are ChartEx, DEXTools, Bitquery, Bsc Scan, as well as PancakeSwap & Uniswap. Put simply, we are a platform built on top of all these tools. We have integrations with Bsc Scan and TradingView, and we provide querying interfaces to Uniswap and chainlink oracles. We also run our own graph nodes and we present all information through a simple interface.

In short, we aim we to become an oracle of oracles – a metaoracle.


Our Method

Euler Tools creates a cluster of nodes for every network, building observers on top of them, extracting the data and processing it. We use a combination of ETL, Data Pipelines and Machine Learning technologies to filter and clean up the results and deliver only relevant events. We also aggregate data from multiple, reliable sources including the internal contract transactions, to eliminate the bayesian distortion.

Our Difference

To offer the most technologically advanced product, we created our own proprietary tech and APIs. As a result, we can develop our tools in ways that many competitors (which mostly fork and clone others) simply can’t.

For example, our Token and Project Explorer isn’t just a blockchain data miner. Competitor tools either check a single smart contract or lists new projects through an often unclear manual verification process. However, Euler Tools automate the process by turning blockchain data into a series of events and processing it through formal techniques and known methodologies used by worldwide data processing companies. That way, we compare the token swap impact on the liquidity, the availability, the profitability, the gas costs and any other event a single swap can trigger.

We also believe in being transparent, allowing users to check our progression and new features on a daily basis. Users can also interact directly with our developers through our social networks and feedback channels. Because only then can we genuinely create the best tool for our end-users.

Our Vision

Our goal is to bridge the gap between blockchain trading and the real, off-chain world. It’s clear that decentralised finance is set to have a disruptive impact on financial institutions, and it’s here to stay, so Euler Tool are determined to make it more accessible.

A number of challenges hindering widespread adoption, including the fact that neither traders nor governments have a clear solution for calculating and paying taxes related to crypto trading. Banks want to offer crypto investment to customers, but unlike stocks they have no way to navigate the transparent, but confusing, crypto market. And many companies see potential in NFT, but don’t understand the specifics.

Our aim is to link the established financial and business world – and blockchain. To achieve this we offer proprietary technology, APIs and services to both on-chain and off-chain institutions like hedge funds, banks, government agencies and private companies aiming to interact with crypto and NFT. Ultimately, this integration of blockchain with our everyday lives will be a game-changer – not only for Euler Tools – but for the world.

We believe that this technology will redefine our world in the same way the Internet did, and we plan to spearhead that transformation.