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Supply chain

Control and traceability start-to-finish

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Control and simplify your processes and their monitoring, obtaining a 360º vision

Having control of the entire supply chain is not easy, even more so for products that require special treatment, quality control, or a certificate of authenticity..

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Featured Issues

Fraud and authenticity issues

A focus on transparency and proper data collection will allow you to track and trace the status of your products efficiently and pass any compliance audit.

Little power in the supply chain

It focuses on increasing resilience and flexibility, and extracting value.

Event prioritization

Risk management in supply chains is a multi-criteria decision-making problem. The prioritization of risks in supply chains is a decisive factor.

Information cadence

Due to the delay of information, we can experience problems and difficulties that affect the correct distribution of the product. A long update time cannot guarantee a correct functioning of the supply chain.

Loss of supply quality

Quality problems can arise at any point in the supply chain, which makes it imperative to detect quality issues as early as possible to manage costs and risk. Unresolved quality issues can result in high process costs, loss of processes and loss of revenue due to asset downtime.

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Euler Tools Solutions | Blockchain & Digital Assets


End-to-end traceability and authenticity control, empowering you with all the data generated in the process.

Euler Tools Solutions | Blockchain & Digital Assets


Generate a quality control system and check the condition and life cycle of your goods, based on parameters analyzed in real time and with prevention against failures.

Euler Tools Solutions | Blockchain & Digital Assets


Make a control and reporting system for your end customer, giving them more control and power in the process.

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