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Greater control in the life cycles of your product or service

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Control from origin to destination of all data.

Have a complete view of all your processes, in order to guarantee the reliability and veracity of all your data and information in real time.


Featured Issues

Guarantee of origin

A recurring drawback is confirming that renewable energy truly is renewable.

Approximate Measurement Processes

The lack of specificity and quantification generates dissatisfaction, as it is often based on generalities from the past.

Documentation management

It can result in wasted time, loss of relevant documents, repetition of data, security and accessibility issues and more.

Poor user satisfaction

Low data specificity leads to a lack of user loyalty. More active management of data use and analysis can increase the positive image of the companies concerned.

Renewable energy certificates

Once a generator dumps it into the grid, it is mixed with the rest of the electricity. There is usually no way to track "clean electricity" through the system.

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Euler Tools Solutions | Blockchain & Digital Assets


End-to-end traceability and authenticity control, allowing you to have all the data generated in the process.

Euler Tools Solutions | Blockchain & Digital Assets


Generate a quality status and life cycle control system for your goods, based on parameters analyzed in real time, with failure prevention.

Euler Tools Solutions | Blockchain & Digital Assets


Create a control and reporting system for your end client, giving them more control and power in the process.

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